Summer 2013

Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties 2013

Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties (2013)

62 episodes · TV Completed 隋唐演义

The drama begins in Sui dynasty and ends with Li Yuan’s ascension to the throne and the establishment of the Tang dynasty. The show centers around the heroes who rose during this time and their stories.

Did Li Yuanba ever really challenge the God? Was Cheng Yaojin ever a who created chaos? Did Qin Qiong really save the whole family of Li Yuan? Which of the 18 heroes exerted the greatest efforts for and contributed most to the overthrow of Sui and establishment of Tang? Open this book The Heroes of Sui and Tang Dynasties, you will find that the real story is far beyond your expectations and more wonderful! That era was a period in which tyrants, heroes, ambitious persons, powerful persons and tacticians came forth in large numbers and the age when power was most advocated in Chinese history.

In 581 AD, Emperor Wen Yang Jian Zhou established Sui Dynasty instead of Emperor Wu of the Northern Zhou and thus the most glorious age of Sui and Tang Dynasties in Chinese history came into being. During this period, our nation forged ahead and thrived with grand and open social patterns, and the country took on a prosperous and powerful look. Even today, it still brings us endless admiration to mention this period of history. The Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties mainly describes the history of Sui Dynasty, the early Tang Dynasty and the flourishing Tang Dynasty so as to realize the dream of many readers longing for the Golden Age of the flourishing Tang Dynasty. The 5,000-Year-Old Chinese History Comic Book Series: The Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties (The Sui Dynasty and the Early Tang Dynasty) consists of the most interesting historical stories excerpted from this period, reproducing the historical truth with the excellent color comics and the accompanying texts. In this book, you will learn the historical puzzles, such as why the Sui Dynasty unifying the country only existed for a few decades, why the Wagang Army in the troubled times of the later Sui Dynasty failed to win the regime, how Emperor Taizong of Tang Li Shimin managed to win the throne, how Empress Wu Zetian managed to take over the throne, what secret worries hidden behind the flourishing Kaiyuan reign period and why An Lushan Rebellion reversing the fate suddenly took place in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, etc.