Summer 2012

Mae Pu Priao – แม่ปูเปรี้ยว (2022)

channel 7
54 episodes · TV Ongoing แม่ปูเปรี้ยว

Pu (Sasina Panomthonnitkul) A young woman, sour, fizzy, cheerful, lively, courageous, not afraid of anyone. Of Ban Pak Ao Nang, the daughter of Kamnan Thong (Santisuk Phromsiri) and Mae Mon (Pamela Bowden), the only homestay owner of the village. That fate played a joke made him meet Non (Thanakorn Sri Banjong), a journalist of action. who disguises himself into a casino to make news about online gambling, but is caught by Tae (Chatawat Rattanawong), the owner of the casino Causing to escape with a crab in a risky situation in the middle of the sea

Nonpapu jumps into the sea to survive from Tae’s bullets. Eventually, the two of them were stranded on an island together. In the midst of the crab’s frustration, he suddenly had to risk his death with someone he didn’t know. Tae’s group followed until the island. Luckily, Likhit Likit (Jirayu Ungvanich) and Sergeant Pha (Thanat Sribanjong) came to the rescue in time. when returning to shore Non successfully managed to escape with a pickup truck.

Praphan (Titiwat Thanawatphatkul), the editor-in-chief of the newspaper where Non works, learns from Amphon (Uthen Phrommin) that Non goes to do news at Ban Pak Ao Nang. He follows and recommends Non. Get to know Kamnan Thong An old friend since childhood to ask Kamnanthong to help take care of him while making news to expose Sia Jiw (Krit Atthaseri). Kamnan Thong is willing to help because Sia Jiw is his enemy as well. Kamnan Thong for Non Go to work at homestay Non is troubled because he is afraid Pu will recognize him, so he thinks that he should change his look. Cut hair, change a new look, even Tae and his subordinates still can’t remember Non. Tae came back to report to Xiao Jiu that the reporter had escaped. Xiao Jiu was upset. and was suspicious that Non would get any evidence or not Therefore, Tae can catch him.